Media Coverage

"Discover Economics"
A press release to promote the ESRC's Festival of Science
March 2009


Prof Catherine Schenk appears on the
BBC2, 12 November 2008
Prof Schenk appears at approx. 6mins 50secs


The Herald - Mark Smith
November 2008


"Why the only way is down"
The Observer - Heather Stewart
October 2008


"Lessons from the past can clarify banking crisis"
ESRC Press Release - Catherine Schenk
October 2008


The Telegraph - Patrick Minford
September 2007


"Insider Trading Case To Test Chinese Walls"
The Irish Times - Justin O'Brien
May 2006


"Former Enron executives to fight fraud charges in 'trial of the century'"
The Irish Times - Justin O'Brien
January 2006


The Edge - David Smith
March 2005 : Issue 18